About ACCU

What is a Credit Union?

Credit Unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives owned by the people who save and borrow there. Every person who saves is a member and every member as such, has the right to vote on policies affecting the Credit Union or to become and officer. Each person has one vote and one vote only regardless of the amount of savings maintained in the Credit Union. The savings are deposited as “shares” and the earnings on these shares are called “dividends”.

What Makes Area Community Credit Union Different?

Personalized, friendly service where you are a “person” and not just an account number.

  • No loan application fees.
  • Quick turn-around on loan applications.
  • No teller “transaction” fees.
  • Convenient hours of service
  • High dividends on savings accounts
  • Life savings insurance
  • Staff that goes the extra mile to help you!